Tuesday, December 3, 2013

6 months old!

How old? 6 months

Our weights: Estimates:  Henry-18 , Nolan- 16, Graham-15
They are in 6 month clothes... Henry is in some 9 month outfits.
Our sleeping patterns?  They either take a good morning nap and a lighter afternoon nap...or vice versa. Depends on the day I guess. 

Nighttime: Bedtime around 6:30pm. Nolan is still sleeping through the night. Graham usually only gets up once. Henry, since he had his double ear infection has been getting up more at night for his pacifier or to be rocked... We are having a hard time adjusting back to old routines.

Our eating schedule? 
They eat 4.5 -5 ounces every 3-4 hours. We have solids for dinner at 5, with a final bottle before bed. Nolan is still needing juice in his bottle every now and again for regularity. All three of the boys have taken to eating solids... and are watching Dave and I closely when we eat our food... it is pretty funny.

Our favorite foods? Bananas, homemade applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes.

Our likes? Singing, standing with assistance, looking out windows, funny noises, blowing raspberries, grabbing for mommy's phone, putting hands in mouths. 
H: eat his hands, being rocked by mommy, the phone, his pacifier, grabbing his feet
N: exersaucer, laughing, his teether, the television, laying on his back playing with playmat
G: exersaucer, loves to stand and observe everything, Oball, bumbo chair, Sophie the Giraffe.

Our dislikes? Being sick- Our family caught the 24 hour stomach bug, all within 24 of each other. It was terrible, but we persevered!  A lot of Pedialyte and Gadorade in this house!
Henry is our stranger danger kid, he needs time to warm up to anyone that is not mom or dad... even if it is someone they see on a regular basis. Nolan fights to go to sleep, he just doesnt want to miss anything.
Graham doesnt like to wait, it is now or.... now!!!

Our favorite games/toys? exersaucer, mirrors, teethers, Oball, baby einstein music player.

Our milestones?Henry's first ear infection on 11/12,  First overnight away, 11/22, Henry discovered his toes 11/21, Graham rolled from back to front 11/24, first stomach bug 12/1, Graham is scooting all the over the playmat, Henry likes to get up on his knees when on his tummy, but its more in anger. Nolan is talking a lot!

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? funny noises, blowing raspberries, smiling a lot, snuggles, noticing each other and reaching for faces!

Our Pictures:
What a cute bunch!

Henry 6 months! Hank the Tank!

Graham 6 months! Our little flirt!

Nolan, 6 months! A mini Mollie

I had to post this one too, it is just too funny....


  1. haha how cute that they are holding hands in that last one