Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 month check up + bonus pics!

So we went to the doctor for our 6th month appointment after I wrote the 6 month update. I thought I would post actual dates instead of estimates... as well as what we have been doing these last few weeks! LOTS of fun milestones!

first... the doctor went well. They are all still gaining weight ahead of schedule... and he said that they should all be in the 50 percentile by a year.... I am grateful!
Henry- 15lbs 12 oz     25 in long
Nolan- 13lbs 14oz     24 1/2 in long
Graham- 13lbs 14oz   24 1/4 in long ( he caught up!)

They each had 4 shots, but did a lot better then mommy.... I was a nervous wreck... since I know their sad cries more now, it just breaks my heart to hear it!

We are now up to eating solids 2 times a day, morning, around 8am and dinner at 5. They love their fruits, and Nolan is a bit questionable about veggies.

We went and saw Santa at Portraits from the heart in Andover...( a cute victorian house where the couple takes pictures from their home) They have it down to a science!... the boys never physically saw him... Santa was hidden and when he came out we backed the boys onto his knee .... so we got nothing but smiles this year.... I have a feeling next tear will be a different story.  We were in and out of there in 20 minutes! SLICK!

We are sitting up with little assistance now... such a fun new way to play on the floor. They interact with each other... it is only a matter of time before they will be mobile!!!

These next two were just too cute NOT to share! All smiles!

And here is a 6 month recap of the boys!

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