Saturday, November 30, 2013

Picture update!

Here are some fun pictures of what has been going on with us this past month!

Dave and I did our first overnight away! Henry and Nolan went to Cindy's house (our Wednesday caretaker) and Graham went to my friend Katie (Monday caretaker) Dave and I headed to Mystic for the night. Despite a sad little Henry for a few hours (he finally settled we were told), we had a great time eating at the buffet, playing some fun slot machines, and sleeping through the night!! 

Our boys just love dinner time! They always are so excited when we sit them in their chairs, they know what is coming!

Henry is hanging out, in the laundry basket, why not!?

Graham was so over tired, he would not go to sleep by me rocking him, so I set him down, and this is what happened! 

Auntie Casey got the boys these cute shirts! A little big still, but still so adorable!

Play time!

Got together with my special care nursery moms. Jen (middle) has twin boys (one was sleeping), and Katie has a cute little girl!
We got a 1,2, 3 going... lol

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