Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am going to break down a few posts... to not overwhelm you all!
First, we had our first Thanksgiving!  We were ambitious enough to go to Dave's side in the early part of the day and my side the later part of the day! I know, we are crazy!

We got the boys bathed and dressed and out the door we headed to Lakeville by 10:15am.

It was nice to have all of Dave's dad side there... to hold, play, and help feed babies.... once it came time for us to eat, they did pretty well at playing on their playmate.... but eventually had to join us at the table.
It was shortly after we ate it was getting to be nap time.... Surprisingly we got them all asleep in their car seats in bedrooms upstairs. That lasted about 45 minutes (stinks to not have a monitor, so I had to keep running up the stairs to check for noises)
Grandma Lynda and Henry

Since naps were not that long we decided to head out and use the car ride to my parents as an official nap time.... well the car ride was a bit longer than expected... Dave got sick after we left his cousins.... I ended up driving him all the way home to Coon Rapids, then back to my parents (ambitious, but at least I would have help there, and a meal). I got to my parents in time for the boys to have dinner....

Right before we ate we had family friends stop over. Laurie is a friend of my moms... her two daughters, Amber and Ashley have been life long friends of mine. Ashley brought her two kiddos, Addison and Bryce with her. It was fun to see everyone... it was chaos.... thats for sure!

 By the time everyone arrived and food was ready, it was about meltdown time. So as family held three fussy babies, I scarfed down another meal (it was hot and homemade.... not passing on that!). I was in the car on the way home around 6:30pm.
I think we pushed the limit with the boys.... of course they slept on the way home, but woke up as soon as the car stopped.... so then they were up for a while before going back to bed again... I felt bad disturbing a sick hubby, but he had a good attitude about it!
It was great to see family, but I am suggesting hosting Christmas eve at our place this year.

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