Friday, November 1, 2013

Baptism- October 26th, 2013 at Zion Lutheran Church

The boys got baptized! On Oct. 26th, Saturday at our 5pm service. Being a pastor this was something I knew would be a big event! We didnt want to do it too early, since they were preemies, but we didnt wait to go too far into the cold season, because you worry about RSV and germs! So our window was limited.... 
Working at a church, I wanted my other pastoral colleagues to be present and a part of this cool milestone! So Oct. 26 was the date that worked best!
The day....
We got a late start to the day... but once we got started, things got hectic. Dave had to run out to get the cakes at Costco... along with some party items I had forgot... I was home with the babies, who were off that day... especially Graham... just a little more fussy than normal. This made me nervous that this is how they would be in church later that day.

Of course this too was the day that Henry and Nolan decided to take three hour naps... and we had to wake them up to get them bathed, dressed, and out the door!
believe it or not we got to the church on time! 
We took some family pictures before the service, and by 5 we were off and running. 

Henry's Godparents are our friends Marina and Michael Kern. I went to high school with both of them, and they are two of our closest friends now!

Nolan's Godparents are Katie and Ryan O'Hara. Katie and I have been friends since 2 grade. We have always been a part of each other's big milestones... this was no different. We love getting together for game nights with Katie and Ryan!

Graham's Godparents are Kelly and Brady Schmidt. Kelly and I grew up together at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. I officiated at their wedding, and we love getting together with them for dinners!

These are couples Dave and I have always enjoyed spending time with, and we knew would love and care for our kids! They are dear friends that we hope to grow closer to over the years as our boys grow up and in closer relationship with their Godparents.

Our church also has congregational Godparents. This role is given to 2 people in the congregation who promise to pray for our boys, and send them cards on their baptismal anniversary! We chose Pam and Bill Travis. This couple has been so loving and supportive ever since they found out we were pregnant! Since the boys have been born, they have provided meals, come over to help us in the beginning, and have babysat quite a few times... they LOVE our boys, and we LOVE them! It's a great fit!

The boys behaved SO well during the service! No one cried... they actually fell asleep during the sermon... so they slept through their actual baptism! 

Henry getting baptized by Pastor Kathie Nycklemoe

Graham getting baptized by Pastor Sue Wallager

Nolan getting baptized by Pastor Connie Tiede

The after party/dinner was downstairs in fellowship hall with about 75 of our closest friends and family! What a testament to how much these boys are loved!
They slept well that night none the less! It was such a wonderful experience! Although stressful, I enjoyed every minute! 

Our boys were sealed by the Holy Spirit, and marked with the cross of Christ forever!

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  1. So I've been kind of secretly following your blog for a while. I found it through Melissa @ i carry your heart (her husband was best man in my wedding and we've been friends for around 10 years) and I'm intrigued by the whole triplet thing. I'm sure you get that a lot. Anyways... I after seeing this post I felt like I should finally speak up. I didn't realize that you were a Pastor at Zion. My sister goes to church there and my son just started preschool there this year. Small world! Your sons are adorable by the way. You are one amazing lady to bring triplets into the world and raise them. I'm exhausted with just my two and they are 2 years, 3 months apart.