Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where it all began!

Hey! Welcome to our blog! My husband Dave and I wanted to keep everyone posted on all the fun changes and happenings that will be occurring from this moment on, and this way all our friends and family can follow along with us!

I thought before I dove into the present, I should give some background of how we got here.

Dave and I were married in January of 2010. After a year and a half of marriage we thought it was a great time to start a family! We got out puppy Bosley, we were settled into great jobs, it was the perfect time!
We knew it maybe wouldn't happen right away because of some complications on my end, but our doctor didn't see why not!?

Well after about a 3 months of "trying" (that term is always so funny to me) my doctor thought I may have PCOS, Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. This meant I did not ovulate on a regular basis. So he put me on a low dose of Clomid (a medication to help you ovulate). This medication has a very high success rate, and we were warned to be ready for multiples... WHOA!

After 6 rounds of Clomid (increasing the dose each month), there was still no luck. I was one of the rare women who didn't respond to the Clomid. We were frustrated but our infertility doctors had not lost hope yet. It seemed like it was their own personal goal to get us pregnant!

The month of June they started me on a different medication, a shot, called Gonel-F. This worked the same way as Clomid, but just in shot form. Within 3 days of taking these shots, I was responding quite well actually! They were so surprised I responded so quickly!

I finally reached the next step. Another shot to make me ovulate, exactly 36 hours after giving myself that shot! (Crazy modern medicine!) needless to say... it worked!!! I found out I was pregnant July 11, 2012... which marked 1 year of us trying to have a baby!

We were so excited! I started reading the books... taking the prenatal vitamins... the works!
With this exciting news... we told friends but of course kept it off facebook.

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