Monday, December 17, 2012

When to tell!?

Well, we are almost at the 9 1/2 week mark. I will be 10 weeks at my next appointment this Friday. (Belly pictures will start this weekend)
 I am looking forward to seeing those 3 little beans on the screen with  their heartbeats, beating away!
Although I am excited I am cautious. With our last miscarriage it is always at the back of my mind. And with three babies, I am high risk all the way through. Anything can happen at anytime! It makes me so nervous sometimes, but I am reminded by great friends to remain positive, stay healthy, and all will be well.

We have told quite a few of our friends already! (Hard to keep in the news of 1 baby, let alone 3!)
And with my mother and her incredible social network of friends, most of her friends know.

I know they say you should wait until your 12 weeks along before saying anything. As much as I agree with that, I guess I just can't keep it in... and we also like having that group of people there for support if/when something does happen.  To each their own!

So we have decided that if all goes well at my appointment this Friday, we will tell my congregation over the weekend. No announcement or anything big, just start telling a few people... and let the news fly! (Its incredible how fast news spreads in a church!)

Once we tell the congregation I think we will put some fun announcement on facebook... a picture... which I will post once it is taken.

Now I just have to remain busy throughout this week so I can get to Friday so I can see the trio of a party in my belly!

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