Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Round 2

After about 2 months of recovery from our miscarriage, our doctor said I was ready to start the process again.
We felt ready, hopeful, and excited to get back out there and try again... a bit more cautious, but ready none the less.

Timing of everything brought us to the middle of October. I did the Gonel-F shot again, along with the shot to make me Ovulate. My infertility doctor monitored me through the process to make sure all was working... and it was!

The weeks to come became the famous waiting game... since I had symptoms the first time around, I was waiting to see if they would come back and be signs that I was pregnant again. I never knew if I was having a symptom of nausea or if it was my brain playing tricks on me. (Such a frustrating and crazy feeling)

The two week mark where I could take a home pregnancy test was Nov. 8th. Earlier that week I was craving eggs (which is weird for me because I don't like eggs). I thought something was a bit fishy... so on Tuesday Nov. 6th (Election day) I broke down and took a test. ( I am so impatient!!) I didn't expect anything from it since I know it was still early, but low and behold...


 I tried not to get too excited... but two lines... IS two lines. I took a picture and sent it to Dave right away and asked if he too saw TWO LINES!?  His response- "looks like two lines to me love!"

I called my doctor to admit my early test taking. She was surprised something showed up so early, but needless to say, come on in for a blood test to confirm!

I went in on Wednesday for a blood test, and it came back positive, with strong levels.
I was asked to come back on Friday to make sure my levels were doubling to indicate a healthy pregnancy so far.... Friday was another successful visit! My levels were doubling... even a bit higher than normal, but the doctor said that was a good thing.

Now we just needed to wait the dreaded three more weeks for a 7 week ultrasound... :-/


  1. Hope you don't mind, I'm stalking your blog already. Loooove the story so far...I wonder what's gonna happen!!!! ;) ;)