Monday, March 7, 2016

February 2016

I'm Another month down.. and I feel like our life is flying- with so much growth from the boys  and keeping them busy with constant fun activities!
Haircuts with our friend Sam! No tears shed! Yes!!! 

The month kicked off strong with Henry falling and hitting his mouth on the arm of a chair... which resulted in shifting his front tooth up and back.

We headed to the dentist (his first dentist experience) for an X-ray and check up to see what the damage was. Thank goodness no real harm was done... the tooth sits back a little more than the other, but no discoloring, or damage to the grownup tooth.

Although Henry never really likes doctors, they do an AMAZING job meeting the needs of kiddos. I LOVED the office, the staff, and their methods. Next step is getting them all in for their first "official" dentist visit.

I got to head to Anaheim, California for a work conference- i know, rough.
The weather was beautiful, the networking with friends and old colleagues was fun, and the workshops I attended were so helpful and informative.

Since Disneyland was a few miles from our hotel, I did some shopping for the boys and brought them home some "presents"- which I shouldn't have mentioned, because that is all they talked about when I would Facetime home to check in. 

Valentine's day week we went to a new music class with our triplet girlfriends. It was Love themed... and the kiddos had a blast! Arranged marriages here we come!

For work I had a confirmation retreat down at Gustavus Adolphus College... and as a proud Gustie Alum, needless to say I had a great time!

Even got the boys their first Gustie shirts! The first of many I am sure!

We celebrated valentines day as a family... with heart shaped pizza and heart sugar cookies- and even delivered candy Valentines to Uncle Donny and Auntie Connie, as well as Nana Lynda and Papa Dave. Nothing like celebrating the day with those you love!

We discovered an amazing hidden gem in our area... Airborn Extreme gymnastics in Coon Rapids. They have preschool open gym every Friday from 10-noon... this place is tailored for littles.... trampolines, tumble space, low balance beams... and upstairs is a play area, and eating area where you can bring in your own snacks.

We have gone every Friday since we discovered it. it is only 10.00 per family.
My Moms of multiples club is renting it out actually for our spring party...
Nothing like a place you can bring your 3 toddlers and feel confident they are safe and having fun!

The boys are loving their ECFE class every Wednesday morning. We are in a Twins and Triplets class, and we absolutely love the classroom, the teachers, and other kids in the group.
I think this class is so beneficial as it will get them ready for preschool this fall!

That is the one big thing we are working on now... where to send them to preschool.
It has been a long road of preschool fairs, weighing the pros and cons, location, cost, class times... man oh man!

We have narrowed it down to 2 places...
Zion Lutheran Church preschool
Anoka readiness preschool - the same location as their ECFE class.

Although Anoka gives us a better rate with multiples and focuses highly on academics, Zion offers the faith piece(which is important to me) and has an incredible staff,

We are familiar with both locations since I used to work at Zion as one of their pastors.
We hope to make a decision soon.
Next on the docket for us.... potty training...

A few more pics....
Snuggle time! 

Breakfast time! 

Bottoms up! 

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