Monday, June 1, 2015

we have three 2 year olds!

How old?  Two, Dos, 24 Months

Our weights?
 H: 25lb 7oz N: 22 lbs 2oz 
G:23 lb 11oz
Heights - H: 32 1/4in N: 32in 
G:31 1/2 in
They are wearing 24 months and 2t.  Nolan and Graham can wear a few 18 month stuff, but we are quickly outgrowing it all.

Our sleeping patterns?  Napping still at 1:30/2:00 PM for about 2 hours. Nolan is first to wake up typically... and Henry is last.

Sleeping at night is still going strong... every now and again they will wake up in the middle of the night, and very rarely does one wake up the other two, but those 3am moments where everyone is crying... but everyone usually puts themselves back to sleep. 

 Our eating schedule?  The boys have breakfast at 9 AM, Lunch at 12:30, snack when they wake up from their nap (between 3-4), and dinner at 6.  Milk at every meal, and water/juice combo throughout the day.

 Our favorite foods?  H: fruit, ham, pizza, anything off his brothers plates
N: nutri-grain bars (breakfast cookies), noodles (nunus), chicken nuggets
G: noodles, toast, bacon, pizza
Our likes?The movies- Cars ("Mader & keen" (McQueen) and Finding Nemo "fishes, sharks, Dori", playing with match box cars, playing outside "shoes on-outside", going on walks, swinging, reading books (llama llama red pajama), going "bye bye in the car-car",

 Our dislikes?  When brother steals a toy, when they are hungry and want to eat NOW,  coming in from outside, getting out of the car to come home.

Our favorite games/toys?Mocking words or noises from mom and dad, dancing, singing songs (twinkle twinkle, happy birthday, abc's,) their cozy coupe cars, puzzles, building towers with blocks.
Our milestones? Lots of talking!
H: Counting, Starting to sing ABCs, dancing, jumping, coloring
N: counting to 10 in Spanish and English, 3-4 word sentences, expressing opinions
G: counting, jumping, colors, awesome fine motor skills, coloring

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  Play well together, amazing new developments each day, cheese for the camera, giving lots of lovies (kisses and hugs)

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