Friday, June 12, 2015

Nolan's Tubes

Well it was bound to happen.... due to my history with ear infections and tubes... we assumed it could happen to one of ours...and it did...Nolan.

Since it was off season for ear infections and Nolan got 2 with in 3 weeks in May, our pediatrician said to head to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doc to recommend tubes.

All three of the boys were at the ENT a couple months prior to rule out anything... they all had hearing tests and passed. Nolan was the only one that had some fluid on his ears but nothing the ENT thought was an issue (unless infections continued)

So back we went on a Monday June 8th and she said tubes it is! We would get a call from scheduling in the next day to schedule it. She warned us summer is a busy time since there is no school so we may have to wait a while to get in.
I got a call the next day (Tuesday) and they said they had an opening for THURSDAY! (as in 2 days away). I was shocked, but thought, better seize the moment.
We had to make sure to get a pre-op appt. in on Wednesday with our Ped to give us the go-ahead!

Thursday I was up with Nolan at 5:15am. I got him up and out the door without waking his brothers!
We got to Children's in MPLS with time to spare... Nolan wasted no times running the halls and discovering all there was to offer.
We got all checked in and the waiting room was stocked with cars and toys. We got called back to our room, and Nolan could take his cozy coupe with! They were so accommodating! 

Our Nurse Pam was wonderful, and our room had a train set on the bed all ready to play with.
My mom eventually arrived to be moral support for me.

We had visits from the our ENT, the nurse, and the anesthesiologist Frank, who is a neighbor of my parents and great family friend! (I was so grateful to have a familiar face in all this!- I cant sing his praises enough!)

They brought in someone to have nolan get familiar with the breathing mask.... 

Around 7:20am they had me walk back with them to the operating room. (I had the option to just have them take Nolan, but I felt more comfortable being there with him- at the expense of watching him "fall asleep" on the table.)
The process was quick... we sat on the table and sang a lot of his favorite songs(twinkle twinkle), while they had laughing gas by his little face.... as he got sleepy, they laid him down, allowed me to give one more kiss, and then I was whisked away.
One if the hardest parts was walking back to the room without him, only holding his blankie and paci.... I got teary, but made it through.
We were warned to stay in the room because they would be back with Nolan soon.
It wasnt even 10 minutes, and they were wheeling him in....
He woke up as they came in the room.
The other hard part was seeing Nolan come out of anesthesia. For an adult, we are sleepy and slowly wake up... but little kiddos dont know what is going on, and are confused and so out of it.
I held him while he cried, flopping around in my arms trying to come to.
I kept trying to comfort him, but until he could recognize my voice we just had to bear through it.

It was pretty clear when he could start hearing my voice and knowing he was safe in my arms that he finally calmed down... he had some apple juice and nutri-grain bar in between more sobs.

We got our instructions for recovery and out the door by 8:30am!
We got home and his brothers rushed to the door. They missed their brother.
They patted his back as he sat with me.
I was surprised he stayed up and did well until nap time... where ALL THREE of them slept for 4 hours!! I couldn't believe it. I also got a needed nap in!

He has had a beautiful recovery so far, and we will go back for a follow up appointment in a few weeks. Here is to no more (or fewer) ear infections in our future!

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