Friday, June 5, 2015

2nd Birthday Party

We had the boys second birthday on Sunday May 31st, the day before their actual birthday. We decided to do it later in the day (post nap).
We thought we would keep the party smaller this year (last year we had about 70 people over (first birthdays are a big deal).... but as we started making the guest list, it kept growing.... such a great problem to have (cant really even call it a problem)... to have so many people that love and support our boys and our such a great part of their lives!
The theme was Sesame street themed... because of their love for Elmo... but as their party grew closer, they fell more in love with the Movie Cars, BUT invites were sent out, and lets face it, they are 2, so no real adjustments were made, and they still loved all the Sesame street stuff!

Dave's parents came over and smoked hotdogs, brats, and pulled pork
I made fruit platters of Sesame Street character faces

 My dad brought his amazing chicken pasta salad

My sister and I decorated cupcakes of Elmo and Cookie Monster

Our dear friend Pam made a chocolate cake shaped like Elmo

We had great weather for the day
At one point there were 3 sets of triplets in the backyard playing
The boys loved being sung to and blowing out their candles
We didnt run out of food!
No one was injured!
It was so fun to have great family and friends all together!

The boys got some great gifts! To name just a few:
balance bikes
bubble lawn mowers- a big hit and needing three of them
Minnesota Zoo membership

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