Sunday, May 10, 2015

Boys will be boys....

We are full blown in toddler mode at our house these days... Lots of bumps and bruises have accumulated over the last few weeks.... Especially now that we are playing outside more.  

As a mom you don't want anything bad to happen to your child, but you also know little bumps, scrapes, and owies help them to learn too, and with triplets, you can't be everywhere all the time to protect them. 

This last Wednesday was one of those moments that could not have been prevented. 
I was at church, for final final church night for the year, and Dave and my dad were doing dudes night, Like they always do on Wednesdays with the boys. 

I got a text from Dave around 7:15
"Hey baby, can you call me when you get this? Henry fell behind the couch. He is fine, just a bit of a cut under his lip, might need to go to urgent care. And he bit his lip pretty good."

Of course I start to panic and leave the youth room and FaceTime Dave to see what's going on at home (thank goodness for technology)
H was not crying but from what I could see it definitely needed to be looked at.

Since it was on the face and he is under 4 we had to go to children's.... Which was fine with me because they are wonderful!

I said bye to my youth and put the great adults in charge and I headed home to get Henry. (I had the van which has the car seats). I picked up H and we were off to children's. (The other two were really sad they couldn't go I'm the car car too)

We arrived at children's and they assessed him as best they could (he is my stranger danger kid-mamas boy) and assumed stitches were in our future. 

My mom joined us and hung out which brought some comic relief. Once we got into a room they were innovative to get the numbing gel on his chin for 45 minutes(clever sticky tape thing)... We watched some cartoons and right before they came in to clean it they gave him some phentynol up his nose to make him more calm for the cleaning. 
Although he was not "calm",  he didn't fight as hard or cry as long.... 
They got a better look at his chin and bite marks on the inside of his lower lip, and said since the cut was so straight and not as deep as expected, stitches were not needed!!!! Great news! 

So we got the clear to go home and just monitor and keep it clean for the next few days! 

It is currently healing perfectly and all is well again at our house.
I know this is just the beginning of moments like this.... But no matter how much it happens, seeing your babies hurt never gets easier.... But I am grateful for Children's amazing staff!!

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