Monday, April 20, 2015

22 months

My apologies on the lack of posts! I have no excuse but that of living a life with 3 toddlers. They are becoming so fascinating so I want to get back to documenting through this blog. I don't want to forget these great memories!! 

The boys turned 22 months on April 1st! 
Weights- H- 26 lbs, N-22.5 lbs, G-23 lbs

Henry is pretty much wearing 24month/2T, the other two are in 18 month clothes 

Wake up- between 7:15-8:00
Breakfast- 8/8:15
Play time
Dinner- 5:30
Usually asleep by 8/8:15

Favorite foods- macaroni and cheese, "nunu's", avocado-"cado", toast with butter, bananas-"nanas", cookies, puff corn for snack, and if they find out there are chips in the house they would eat their weight in them. 

Favorite activities- if they could play outside all day everyday, they would. We have had some gorgeous days and they just love to be outside running around and playing with their cozy coupe cars, and swinging! They still love walks in their choo choo..... We have had some cold days this past week so it's been a bummer to say no to outside.... They just love putting their shoes on and getting ready. 
 -They love building towers with their duplos but more so dumping the bin over! 
-They love dancing, especially to "uptown funk" which they call the doo doo song! 

-They love playing with their match box cars, lining them up on the arms of the couch. 
-They have starting playing with their play kitchen- and saying "cook" over and over. 
-They love face timing with their aunties and cousins... Always wanting to say cheese and blow kisses. 

I can't believe how much they at talking. Nolan seems to have his own babbling language... But all three of them are repeating a lot of words.. But at this moment Graham is our most verbal. They love counting to 10 and singing the ABC's! 

We love to see them interact... Getting each other a toy or blankie if one is sad.... Apologizing and patting their back if they hurt them or take a toy. They are starting to wrestle more with each other so more bumps and bruises are forming... (The life of 3 toddler boys right?)

They currently love Elmo, the wiggles, and more recently the movie Cars! 

Nolan- still our leader... Sweet, but stubborn. He wants it all done his way on his time. He loves to cuddle, especially if he has his paci and blankie with him. He is the most outgoing in new places with new people. 

Henry- still mr. Sensitive. Cautious and gentle. He still loves his mama and had some stranger danger.  He has the sweetest laugh and loves to do whatever his brothers do! 

Graham- our funny man! Loves to dance or imitate whatever the adults in the room are doing. He is most shy in new environments and observes before he really opens up... But when he does... He puts on a show! 

New experiences: children's museum, microwave popcorn, Easter egg hunts, turning their car seats forward, picnics in the living room, eating at a picnic table, eating bacon, art class

I can't believe we are already planning their 2nd birthday! 
More to come soon! 
Play date at the park with our cousins, Ally and Tyler 

Cousin Tyler's baptism

Art class with 3 other sets of triplets! 

Easter 2015

Easter with cousins

Celebrating my birthday on Easter 

Bumps and bruises 😕

Outside play!!!

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