Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Another Mother's Day in the books. 
I started the day by going to work (church)
Well actually the day started at 3am... (Just like last years Mothers day.... The boys had a rough night sleep-2 years in a row now)
Nolan woke up screaming, Dave went in there to check in on him and discovered Nolan had taken his pants AND diaper off- Lord only knows when. Dave snuck him out to get him dressed again and sadly the other two woke up.... Dave put Nolan back to bed - making sure the bed was not soaked of course- and N and G continued to chit chat till 5am when they finally fell back asleep.
I was up and put the door by 8:15- with everyone still sleeping.
I had a great morning at church wishing Moms a happy Mother's Day, and receiving the same great greeting!
I made it home in time to have lunch the the family and open the gifts the boys got me (Mom necklace and beautiful picture frame)
I then had to leave at 1:30 to go see some of my church youth in the Andover spring musical, adventures of frog And toad- very cute! 

I texted Dave on my way home so he could start the process of waking the boys up and getting the, ready to go to my parents for dinner. 

We made it to my parents about 5:15 and had fun seeing close family and friends. 
Then boys grazed on food (too much going on) and enjoyed seeing their nana, papa, aunties, and cousins Ally and Tyler. 
My sister Steph, husband Aaron, and ally and Tyler 

I got a plate of food in me (thanks Dave) before heading upstairs to do bath time (we usually always do baths at nana and papas) 
Nolan I don't think napped for long enough today because he screamed the entire bath (beyond exhausted much?) but finally was happy in papa Tim's arms.

We got them all in their Jammie's and downstairs to do one more round of social time before backing up and heading home.


Some of my favorite moments of the day:
Hearing Graham say on repeat " it's rainin - wet- cold-brrrr"
Snuggling with Nolan- oh so tired 
Hearing my boys say "happy mamas day"
Time with family
Seeing my moms reaction to her gift of a charm bracelet with all her grandkids faces on it
Sitting here in the quiet, reflecting back on the day and Despite all the chaos, I have a heart full of gratitude because of three little monkeys I love more than anything.... It's because of them I get the honor and privilege to be called mom! 

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