Friday, June 6, 2014

1st birthday party!

It has taken me a little while to get this post up, but better late then never!

The boys had their first birthday party on Saturday May 31st, 2014. We did it on a very busy weekend, of graduation open houses, I preached all day Sunday (their actual birthday), did a wedding the night following their birthday party... good gracious!

Well Henry, Nolan, and Graham, here are some fun details about your birthday I want to make sure you know so you can look back and see what a great day it was to celebrate each of you

Family shot!

Your monthly pictures! What a difference a year makes!


  • We were nervous about the weather, but the rain held out till right at 2:10 when your party ended... Thank GOODNESS! But it was a hot one!
  • Your grandpa Dave cooked amazing burgers and smoked hotdogs (mom's favorite), with fabulous toppings like bacon, cheese, grilled onions... as well as great salads made by dear friends to help out, including grandpa Tim's famous chicken pasta salad!
  • There were over 50 guests that came to celebrate, including:
    • Marianne- your primary Nurse from the Special Care Nursery who took care of you in your first few weeks of life

    • your triplet girlfriends- Emma, Harper, and Zoey and their parents Michelle and Matt, and the Guimont family, Nicole and Mark, and boy triplets and big brother who I think you will look up to someday soon...

    • Each of your Godparents, the Kerns, the O'Haras, and Schmidts

    • Many Aunts, Uncles, great aunts and great uncles, grandparents, and great grandpa Don!

    • Your nanny Cindy and her family- who made your smash cakes for the day!

    • So many of your mom and dad's close friends and mentors who have been so loving and supportive this first year with you three boys!
    • Zion staff and church members who have walked along side us this first year with hearts of understanding and willingness to help!
  •  You LOVED your cakes! (it was your second cake since you had your cake smashing session a couple weeks earlier.)
      •  Henry- dove right in. Nolan, was shy and a bit timid. Graham just loved all the attention from everyone

Getting ready

Ready. Set. Go!




The after math

  • You all were rinsed off post cake, and came back out for present opening.
    • This was done in turbo speed due to your attention span, need for nap, and pending rain.
    • We are amazed at the helpers who recorded, cleaned up, and transferred gifts inside once they were opened.
    • You got such great gifts, such as toy cars to ride, pajamas, big rubber balls, Santa bears,  diapers, sheets for big boy beds, books....just to name a few!

  •  The party was done around 2pm, the rain started about 2:10... and you all were napping soundly by 2:30pm. 
  • Everyone did so well being passed around and visiting with all the people that have surrounded our family with so much this first year!
It was a spectacular day that couldn't have gone better! It was the fastest three hours I have experienced but I just remember feeling so overcome with joy and amazement of the village that has been created for our boys!

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