Wednesday, June 4, 2014

12 months old!

How old? 1 year old on June 1st!
Has it really been a year already!?
Our weights: Henry- 21 lbs, Nolan- 19.4lbs, Graham-  19.8lbs
All still wearing 12 month clothes, lots of shorts and T-shirts now with nice weather, finally!

Our sleeping patterns?  Wake up-around 6:30
                                        Naps- 10-12, and 3-5pm  - Afternoon nap is hit or miss for N and G, H  always needs 2 naps though!
                                        bedtime- 8pm

We have had pretty successful nights sleep lately. Although lately Nolan's new thing is to wake up and fuss, and all we have to do is move him to the pack and play in the living room and he goes right back to sleep. (I think this is his way of telling us he wants his own room)

What are they eating: Everything! We rarely do baby food anymore... really only the food pouches (which are amazing, especially if we are out and about)
Still do lots of peanut butter and fruit. Its fun to just give them portions of what we are having, mum mum crackers are still a favorite, along with goldfish crackers.

Of course they love anything sweet now that they have had birthday cake! (stay tuned for birthday party post)

They are fascinated when grownups eat: they mock our chewing as they watch..and always want bites...
We are so grateful to have such good eaters!

We are officially off formula! We did that about a month ago and have not looked back! They absolutely LOVE whole milk and have no problem finishing their 3 8oz bottles a day! 
We still do water in the sippy cups at meals, but once we talk to our ped on Friday, we will see what the next step is.

Our likes? Being held and tackling mom or dad when we come home... playing in the kiddy pool or water table outside, sitting on the front lawn watching cars drive by,  daddy's crazy coughing noises, swinging at the park, walking behind our push walker toys, riding on our little mini car/scooters we got for our birthday, morning chats with each other before wake up time, crawling around everywhere together, banging things together that make noise, dancing to music, waving bye bye... they are such busy little dudes and are so happy to explore!

Bragging rights:

H: making funny faces and noises, dancing, being held (such a mama's boy), fake crying is his new plea for attention, plays peek a boo with blanket, loves his naps, 2nd to crawl, he can stand alone unassisted and is very proud when he does, has the most hair, loves to take away Nolan's bottle from him, toy stealer of the group, sill has his monkey paci for sleeping, my sensitive boy still.

N: The leader of the pack. First to crawl, almost walking unassisted, curious as can be, can say bye-bye (more like nye-nye), wave with both hands, plays peek a boo, dances from side to side, shake his head no, belly laughs at almost anything, loves bath time, fearless baby, social buttterfly of the three, sleeps with a few blankies.

G: Great eater, lots of babbles of talking, loves to push his walker toys around, still needs some rocking to be put to sleep, waves his arms up and down while kicking when he is excited (we call it sizzling bacon), fascinated with our dog Bosely, sleeps with his blankie, waves bye bye by flicking his thumb with his pointer, can say dada, mama, just getting over 2 ear infections in 2 weeks, still my observer of the three...
Our dislikes? being changed, faces wiped, being gated in... they would prefer free range of our house, toys taken away from each other, too much chaos sometimes with too many people (over stimulation, but who doesn't!?)

Teeth check: Henry- bottom 2 but top 4 I think are close...   Nolan: Bottom 2  Graham: Bottom 2
we go in spurts of when we think teeth will come... we have a long road ahead of us!

BIg events that happened this last month for us: first kiddy pool/swim suits, family photo shoot, great grandpa Clair past away, ear infections, lots of walking with assistance, more and more play dates are filling our calendar, celebrated our first official mother's day, first trip to chick-filet!

Stay tuned for their first birthday party post! lots of pictures!

Henry loved his cake... Can you tell?

Nolan was a little more timid... But enjoyed it just the same!

Graham loved the experience and eventually sat I'm his own cake.... His feet got the most frosting on them!

Happy birthday to our three precious sons.... It has been quite the year but you have brought us so much joy through all the fun experiences!

Cars they got from great grandpa Don!

Family shot

We love the park!

Chick-filet- the Northside MoM's club fundraiser.... So many twins and triplets present!

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