Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some excitement for Henry

Well of course when you have three babies there is always a story to tell, a picture to share, and some type of excitement.
This last weekend was no different.

Sunday evening was going along as usual with Dave's parents bringing dinner over... And having some good quality time with us. The boys had finished their dinner and were sitting in their chairs playing with spoons around the table while we ate. We typically feed them bites of our food.... And so we broke off pieces of our garlic bread and fed them.... They loved it!

After dinner I took Henry to change him into jammies... Realizing he needed the next size up I put him on the floor to play with grandma, ran down stairs to grab new 12 month jammies, and when I came back up something happened. Grandma Lynda said that Henry was scratching terribly. I picked him up, and he was red, blotchy, and had hives all over his face. He was scratching his eyes profusely. All of a sudden a ton of drool came pouring out of his mouth. Like it was hard for him to swallow it. I called 911 immediately.

I told them all the symptoms and stayed on the phone while holding. Henry and watching him like a hawk...
The fire truck arrived first, and by the time they got there, he stopped drooling, itching was not as bad but he was still covered in hives and redness.
Once the ambulance came we decided to give him some Benadryl ( it took four of them to figure out a safe dosage, lol).... To be on the safe side they wanted to do an epi-pen and take him in to be monitored.
So we gathered up our stuff, and Henry and I had a fun ambulance ride.
Dave and his parents stayed back with the other two.

Once we got in the ambulance, she gave him the shot.... Let me tell you, it sucked that he was already strapped in his car seat so I couldn't hold him while he screamed... And on top of that the shot made him worse before he got better... So his face and lips swelled a bit, and he was screaming from his heart racing.... I felt so helpless.... I hated it.
He finally settled and within two minutes he looked completely normal ( and we had not even started the drive to children's yet)

He took a bottle on the way there and watched the lights out of the back window. The parametric, Kim was fabulous and we shared great conversation as she lowered my anxiety....

My mom met us at the hospital, and we hung out for an hour and half or so... (Funny moment - the formula container fell out of the diaper bag on our way in, and spilled all over the carpeted floor- we sure know how to make an entrance)

The doc examined him and gave us some steroids to prevent any delayed reaction he could have 8-12 hours down the road.
We were instructed to set up an appt with an allergen as soon as possible.

Dave's mom stayed with the two while Dave came to pick us up ( since we needed a car seat base)
We got home around 10:30. Henry slept the whole car ride home and then slept all night... Exhausted from the evenings events I am sure.

We have an appointment set up for next Monday so hopefully we will come up with some answers.... I am guessing its a seasoning allergy.

It was scary but glad all is well now. Stay tuned for allergy results!

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  1. wow that is crazy scary! Glad everything worked out and he's okay. I wonder what the allergy test results will show.

  2. Oh my goodness, poor Henry (and mama)!! Keep me posted!