Monday, April 7, 2014

10 month Update

How old? 10 months old on April Fool's day
Our weights: Henry: 20.5lbs   Nolan:17.5lbs   Graham: 18.5lbs
All three are wearing pretty much 12 month clothes... some 9 month still fits...

Our sleeping patterns?  Awake between 6:30-7am
                                              Morning nap- 10am -noon,  Afternoon Nap- 2:45- 4:45pm
Night time: Bottles start after wheel of fortune around 7pm, and everyone is in bed and asleep by 7:45ish.  We have 2 in the crib... one to go!

Our eating Schedule:
breakfast is at 7:30 every morning... fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter toast is a favorite
7 ounce bottle before nap
lunch around 12:30- grilled cheese, strawberries, veggies, applesauce, to name a few things

  7 ounce bottle before nap around 2:45pm
Dinner at 5pm- 2 veggies, fruit, oatmeal, meatballs are a huge hit... stove top stuffing, whatever Dave and I are having.
 Bottles before bed around 7:15pm.

Our favorite foods?  Peanut butter toast, vanilla wafers, meatballs, sweet potatoes, grilled cheese, strawberries... or anything they see us eating, they want a bite!

eating Habits: Nolan- new thing is to raspberry every time we stick a spoonful of something in his mouth... we get covered... not cool!

Henry mushes everything in his fist while bringing it up to his mouth.

Graham is getting better at picking up food and eating it... only has one tooth so he does a lot of sucking on bigger food pieces... lol

Sippy cup status; Graham has got it down! Henry likes to bang it on his tray... and Nolan likes to chew on the mouth piece.

Our likes?

 Everyone: eating food off tray, funny mouth noises, bathtime- lots of splashing, walks outside now that is is finally getting nicer out, SO BIG, grandma and grandpa visits, fun new toys with movement and sounds, (busy town), activity tables, pulling ourselves up on toys,

H: Funny noises, TV, sleeping in mom and dads bed for naps, rolling all over the floor, chewing on everything,pulling himself up on everything, talking a lot, he is still our mama's boy... 

N: army crawling everywhere... if there are cords out, Nolan will find them! He will get up on his knees and rock... so close, waving bye bye.

G: watching cars go by out the window, eating, rolling all over the floor, making silly faces, flirting with everyone.

Our dislikes? Being changed on the changing table... we have come to the point where when you lay them down to be changed they flip right over on their tummys... so we have moved to the floor or had to find methods of distraction for them. 

Teeth check: Henry has 2 on bottom, Nolan has 2 on bottom, working on top 2, and Graham has 1 on the bottom.


Family selfie on a nice day!

Group shot in our polos!


Henry's trip to the allergist- Allergic to Eggs and Garlic. :(

Playdate with the Edlund triplets- Zoey, Harper, and Emma!

First spring walk!!

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