Monday, March 3, 2014

9 month update!

How old? 9 months on March 1st
Our weights: Henry: 19lbs   Nolan:16lbs   Graham: 17lbs
Nolan and Graham are wearing 9 month clothes and Henry is in 12 month clothes!

Our sleeping patterns? Up around 6:30am Same... morning nap and afternoon nap. Nolan seems to be able to go longer stretches with no naps... Henry is still tired after about 2.5 hours awake! Graham can be a hit or miss when it comes to naps

Night time: Its a weird pattern of every other night... a good night sleep and then a bad night up a lot night sleep...
Bedtime around 7pm

 Nolan- cant be rocked to sleep anymore... you need to just put him in his crib and he self soothes to sleep.

Henry is getting better and falling asleep and staying asleep. We are getting him acclimated to his crib slowly but surely.

Graham still needs to be rocked to sleep. He is also slowly getting acclimated to his crib... but is doing a lot better job at sleeping through the night.

Our eating Schedule:
breakfast is at 7:30 every morning... fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter toast is a favorite
4-5 ounce bottle before nap
lunch around noon- cheese, deli meat, veggies, fruit, noodles... random stuff

4-5 ounce bottle before nap around 1:30
Dinner at 5pm- 2 veggies, fruit, oatmeal, grilled cheese is a favorite, hotdish.. whatever dave and I are having.
 Bottles before bed around 6:45.

Our favorite foods? Yogurt melts, peanut butter toast, vanilla wafers, yogurt, any new foods they are trying...  Nolan is now sensitive to chunks of food...(green beans, mandarin oranges, noodles), yet Henry prefers chunks of food over baby food.

eating Habits: Nolan likes to pass food from one hand to another when he picks it up from his tray. He also says num num num a lot while eating.
Graham uses his pincher fingers to pick up and then usually hold on to food with both hands.

Henry takes fists of food to his mouth and proceeds to put his whole fist in his mouth to get that food.... (we are working on it)

We are working on the sippy cup... graham is catching on quickly... Henry drinks and dribbles it down his chin... and Nolan likes to chew on the mouth piece.

Our likes?

H: peek a boo, eating food off tray, funny mouth noises, VocabuLarry (TV), snuggles with mommy.
N: jumping, peek a boo, rolling EVERYWHERE, talking, squealing, eating anything, flirting
G: eating, making noises, laughing at brothers, peek a boo, jumping, looking out the window, social butterfly!

Our dislikes? Being sick. 
Having sick babies just breaks a mom's heart. I want to help and take it away, but I cant. It is so hard on me to see them in pain. It has been one of my toughest times as a mom....ok.. ANYWAY...
This month the three boys came down with RSV.... Graham got it first... we ended up in the ER this last Thursday with Nolan and Graham, were sent home... then back in the doctor on Saturday with all three, all testing positive for RSV and ear infections. With Antibiotics, a nebulizer, and lots of snuggles, we are doing better. the coughs are still pretty bad but the wheezing is a lot better... thank goodness. I now have what they had...but that was inevitable.

Nebulizers....poor babies!

Our favorite games/toys? Lately rubber spatulas and little cups from the kitchen... empty plastic water bottles, rubber bracelets, activity table that lights up and sings... 

Our milestones?
Henry- Finally has a tooth! came in toward the end of February! Picking food up from his tray and eating it. he sits all by himself and can lean over to get toys and fall on his tummy and recovers nicely. Lots of hair!

Nolan- has 2 teeth still!  He eats everything you put in front of him. He has some reservations with some new foods... or atleast you cant feed him.. you need to put it on his tray so HE can feed himself! He will be crawling soon I think... although for now he rolls everywhere! ALL OVER! He babbles all the time and constantly smiles!

Graham- No teeth yet... but the drool has increased so I think we are close.  he still is a great eater and still prefers to be fed, although he will do some picking up food from the tray... or if you put it right in his hand he will eat it.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? Lots of funny faces and mocking noises and faces that mom and dad make. interacting with each other is so cute, and I know that it is only going to get better... or worse because they are stealing toys from each other. They wake up with smiles on their faces, they always great us with a smile when we come home, and just are such happy babies (even moments when they are sick)

In just a few short months we will be celebrating their first birthday... time really does fly.... We love watching them learn and grow, and become brave little guys as they explore!

Henry- 9 months in his space monkey jammies

Graham- 9 months- busy active dude

Nolan- 9 months and always smiling!

Brotherly love in matching jammies!

Baby vests are too cute!

Here are just some fun ones from this last month!

Graham is finally getting some hair!(mohawk man!) He loves tubby time!

We are godparents to little Lucas Kern (His parents are dear friends and our Henry's Godparents!)

Poor Nolan was so tired and sick he fell asleep like this!

heading to target with mom! Too cool!

My friend Nicole came over with her camera and shot these for Valentines day!!!
baby butts! (They will appreciate this at age 18!)

Cant get over their eyes (all blue) and melt my heart!


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