Sunday, October 6, 2013

4 month update

How old? 4 months old!

Our weights: Henry- 12 lbs 14oz, Nolan- 11lbs 10oz, Graham-11lbs

Our sleeping patterns? We are getting better at sleeping. We do recognize our days and our nights... although our days like to start really early.... sometimes at 5-6am. We go to sleep after bath around 7pm and each only wake up once... sometimes Graham wakes up an extra time or two just to be cuddled.... not a habit we are trying to support.  We take about 2 naps a day. Graham takes more frequent shorter naps, and Henry and Nolan take a morning nap and Afternoon nap.

Our eating schedule? We are eating every 3-4 hours... 4 ounces, sometimes 5. Graham takes down is bottle pretty quickly, but dont stop feeding him to burp, he may not take the bottle after that anymore. Henry has started to drink half... and then the other half and hour later, finish...  Nolan is our awesome eater, always finishing his bottle, and sometimes finishes what his brothers cant!

Our favorite foods? Still Neosure formula... hoping to introduce cereal soon!

Our likes? The TV, any attention, feeding time, bath time, snuggle time, walks outside, being held.

Our dislikes? tummy time after about 5 minutes, getting out of the tub, getting our noses sucked (cold have hit our house), 4 month shots :(

Our favorite games/toys? peek-a-boo, activity mats, talking with people who come to visit, patty-cake, rattles, anything with lights and music!

Our milestones? Holding heads up, starting to rock from side to side (trying to roll), eating hands, smiles, coo's, sleeping longer hours at night, recognizing faces, noticing each other!

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? laughs, coo's, all the farts and burps in our house (get used to that one), the cute outfits mommy dresses you in.
Our Pictures:

 We are loving everyday with these little guys! The doctor gave us a great report, and that they are growing faster than average! Their personalities are coming out strong!  Henry, our sweet, mellow,  yet talkative big guy! Nolan, our flirt, who smiles all the time, and always lets you know if he is happy or sad! Graham, our feisty little guy, very observant and always has sometime to say, and is very particular in everything he does/needs!

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