Sunday, October 27, 2013

Picture update- October

It has been a really busy month with lots of firsts!

A new exersaucer! All the boys are loving sitting up more! Henry is rockin out!

Johnny jump up! We haven't spent too much time in here yet... But they love what time they have been in there! Go Grahammy go!

This is Nolan's new favorite play spot! Talks a lot to himself in the mirror!

We have started cereal and fruit and veggies!
Graham took to it immediately! Henry and Nolan took a few times but now they all look forward to their 5pm dinner in their high chairs!

We submitted this picture to Gerber's photo contest! Voting starts November 4th!

We had another shower for the boys... This one hosted by Dave's family. The boys were passed around and snuggled and got a lot more clothes and fun toys!!

We are getting so much better at tummy time! Really starting to recognize each other! Nolan and Graham are chatting away!

Henry is our "fall asleep anytime anywhere" baby!

Our boys are almost 5 months old... I can't help but have them match every now and again!

The boys finally got to meet their "guncles"- Dave's gay uncles- Mike and Ed. Nolan Michael and Graham Edward are named after them! They came into town for their baptism from Tennessee. ( I will blog soon about that) we are very close to Mike and Ed and loved all the time they got to spend with us and the boys this weekend!

This journey as parents of triplets is a wild ride, but we are soaking up all these wonderful moments! It is going so fast! I just pulled out their bag of preemie clothes tonight... even though it was only 5 months ago, I can't believe our babies were so tiny! They are growing so well... and so fast! We are blessed! 

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  1. I love this! How is time going so fast and why can't I get my act together and come see you all? haha :)