Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 month update

Time for another monthly update

How old? 3 months

Our weights: Don't know exactly but I would guess H. 11, N. 10, G. 9.5
We will have a weight check at their 4 month in October. But all are consistently growing!
We have retired the newborn clothes collection, and getting out the 6 month soon (especially for Henry)

Our sleeping patterns? morning naps from around 9:30-11, then afternoon naps from 1:30-4
bedtime is at 7:30, and they are sleeping good 5 hour stretches at night. Every now and again one will sleep through the night, but it is not too consistent yet. (Graham did sleep 10 hours the other night, and Nolan did it a few nights before then. Henry just loves to eat a lot, so he has a middle of the night feeding still)

Our eating schedule? Bottles around 6am, 8am, 11, 1, 4:30, and 7pm. everyone is eating right around 3.5 oz. Henry is a fast eater.... Nolan needs to be burped a lot so he doesn't puke everywhere (reflux), and Graham started this new habit where if you stop to burp him he will not take the bottle after... so you have to almost feed him the whole bottle before you burp him.

Our favorite foods? Neo sure 22 calorie formula.

Our likes? Being outside, being held (esp. by mama), rocking in the glider, the activity mat, smiling at people, the swing and mamaroo, car rides, baths-depending on our mood.

Our dislikes? Baths-depending on our mood, the hours between 4-7pm (witching hour), gas bubbles, tummy time-depending on our mood, sleeping in cribs.

Our favorite games/toys? the TV, activity mat, anything that rattles, playing patty-cake, singing in the glider with mommy.

Our milestones? Recognizing voices, smiling a lot at people, holding heads and body up, finding our hands.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? Sneezes, coo's, smiles, Henry falling asleep anywhere, anytime, Nolan laughing in his sleep, Graham talking a lot!

Our Pictures:
 Our three month update picture!

Every so often mom makes us match....

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