Sunday, August 11, 2013

A special trip for Henry

This last Thursday the pediatrician had scheduled an ultrasound and X-ray for Henry. We noticed that Henry has a butt crack that splits at the top so it kind of Y's at the top. The pediatrician didn't seem too concerned about it but wanted to make sure.
So Henry and I headed down to children's on Thursday. We got to radiology and waited for them to call us back to a room. When we got to the ultrasound room, there were cute little twinkle lights in the ceiling... I know if Henry was old enough he would have loved them.... But this mama sure did appreciate little touches like that.
It was weird that Henry was the one on the table getting covered in that ultrasound gel instead of me, he looked so tiny on the table... But pretty much slept through the whole thing.

The tech took pictures of his spine.... All while Henry was so relaxed he tooted quite a few times.... Some comic relief for this nervous mama.

After the ultrasound they took us to X-ray to take a look at the vertebrae... They do both procedures to accurately count how many vertebrae follow from where the spine stops.
Henry was not too happy during the X-ray. They held his little legs down and I had to hold his arms above his head....such a Strong little guy.... And he wailed, but it was short lived.... I swooped him up and comforted As quick as I could.

They told me I would get called by he best day with results....
By Friday at 4 I still had not heard anything so instead of having a terrible worry filled weekend I called the pediatrician and checked if they had results yet. They didn't but said they would start doing some calling for me. They called me back within 5 minutes to let me know that all was normal! Sigh of relief!!!!
I pretty much knew it would be, but you just never know.

Although it was a medical outing, Henry and I got some good one on one time. And it resulted with positive news.
We continue to be grateful for their health!

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